IM Checklist V10 – Self Publishing

IM Checklist V10 – Self Publishing


Would love to have your own passive income-generating, client-getting book but don’t know where to start? Cut the time from thinking about writing a book to actually publishing, promoting and profiting from your very own authority building, expert positioning book to almost zero with these 18 done-for-you self-publishing checklists...

Here are the 18 step-by-step self-publishing checklists you're getting:

1. Book Planning Checklist
2. Book Writing Checklist
3. Book Cover Checklist
4. Book Publishing Checklist
5. Book Marketing Checklist
6. Createspace Upload Checklist
?7. Lulu Upload Checklist
8. Nook Upload Checklist
9. Kindle Upload Checklist
10. Amazon Advertising Checklist
11. Book Online Advertising Checklist
12. Giveaway Model Book Funnel Checklist
13. Free + Shipping Model Book Funnel Checklist
14. Traditional Book Sales Model Checklist
15. Local Book Launch Checklist
16. Online Launch Checklist
17. Book Lead Generation / Sales Checklist
18. Book Backend Checklist
19. Book Speaking Gigs Checklist
20. Book Translation Checklist

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